We are a team that seeks to offer a different hotel experience in the most vibrant cities in Latin America.

Casa Wynwood Roma Norte is our latest project located in Mexico City. This house aims to make you feel in the comfort of your home, but taking into account, the services of a boutique hotel.
Our space is ideal for socializing and networking with other local and international travelers. The house is composed with different spaces that you can use as you wish, such as the main room, the dining room, the reading and cinema room, the coworking room and more.

We want to offer environments where our community can be inspired, relaxed and connected with different personalities. We want Wynwood House to be a space for art, culture and style, and we believe that this should be within the reach of everyone who knows how to value it. The new Concept house in CDMX exudes authenticity wherever you look at it. Its architecture inspired in the porfirian era and its excellent contemporary decoration make any visitor feel at home. We prioritize the well-being of our guests and are dedicated to creating experiences that become long lasting memories.