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Available jobs

We are always
looking to hire

At Wynwood House, roles come up according to the needs and challenges we face. Traits such as passion and proactivity are always a plus, but they are not the only thing that matter to us. We believe in a person's value; we look for people with professional ambition and a desire to challenge the status quo.

When we hire someone, we do not limit our decision solely on the experience described on paper because we understand that people are much more than what they learn at school. Instead, we seek people who will bring their essence into the Wynwood House family.

Our organizational culture is based on trust and measuring tangible results; we believe that everybody can organize their responsibilities and deadlines in the best way. We strongly encourage the personal growth of each one of our workers, and look for ways to empower and accompany them on their professional development path.

Wynwood House is a house, a friend, and a job.