Barranco, Lima, Perú
4 Guests
2 Bedrooms
2 Beds
3 Bathrooms

This fully equipped premium property is located in Barranco, Lima’s bohemian and art neighborhood, known for its colonial-style houses, great ocean views, galleries, nightlife, and charm. Try our recommendations at: Otto (Signature), Vaca Negra (Burgers), Cala (Seafood), Cuadra del Salvador (Steakhouse), Starbucks, La 73 (Peruvian), Isolina (Peruvian), Ayahuasca (Bar), and more. See “The Neighborhood” section for detailed information on restaurants, convenience stores and pharmacies nearby.




Bedroom 1
1 Queen Bed
Bedroom 2
1 Queen Bed

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The neighborhood

Restaurants: Cala: Circuito de Playas, Barranco (Peruvian-International Fusion) La Vaca Negra: Jr. Carlos Arrieta 299 (Burgers) La Cuadra del Salvador: Jirón Centenario 105 (Steakhouse) Starbucks: Av. Pedro de Osma 102 (Coffeeshop) La 73 de Barranco: Av. el Sol 175(Peruvian-International Fusion) Fiesta: Av. Reducto 1276 (Traditional Peruvian) Isolina: Av. San Martín 101 (Traditional Peruvian) Ayahuasca: Av. Prol. Gral. Jose de San Martin 130 (Bar) Demo: Jr, 28 De Julio 204 (Coffeeshop & Bakery) Merito: Jr, 28 De Julio 206 (Signature Cuisine) Otto - Casa Wynwood Jr, Jiron Martinez de Pinillos 270 (Signature Cuisine) Convenience Stores: Tambo: Av. Almte. Miguel Grau 943, 24 hours Oxxo: Av. Almte. Miguel Grau 909 - 08:00 - 22:00 Listo Primax Gas Station: Armendariz 575, 24 hours Pharmacies: Inkafarma:Av. Almte. Miguel Grau 619, 07:00-23:00
Getting around Lima, Perú can be chaotic. If you have to travel by car, we recommend using Uber or Cabify. However, if you prefer a premium service, we have a chauffeur service that can be requested by the day, by the hour, or for a specific pick-up. To request this service, contact us.
Communication with guests
At Wynwood House, we value our clients' privacy and time; that's why the check-in process is completely automated. You can request assistance through the digital concierge, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.